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  • Gucci Bucket 1955 Shoulder Bag

    From: $271.53

    GUC Horsebit Buckle 1955 Backpack This Handbag Has Extended the Lines and Shapes of Classic Items More than 60 Years Ago. It Skillfully Integrates Classic Details with Modern Spirit and Emphasizes the Iconic Design Element of Horsebit Buckle.Size: 25x18x8cmConfirm Receipt➕Upload the Most Satisfying Buyer Show➕15 Words PraiseTake a Screenshot of This Page to the Customer…

  • Gucci Horse Buckle 1955 Series Shoulder Bag

    From: $210.38

    Horse buckle 1955 series small shoulder bag horse buckle has become one of the symbols of the brand. in the Epilogue series. the horse buckle 1955 series combines the classic details of the brand’s start-up more than 60 years ago with the essence of modern fashion to create this ornament with a special adjustable shoulder…

  • Gucci 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag

    From: $259.30

    GUC 1955 Buckle Shoulder Bag Beige/Ebony GG Supreme Premium Faux Canvas Environmentally Friendly Material Brown Leather Trim Gold Tone Accessories Suede Textured Microfiber Lining Each bag comes with a storage pouch Built-in two additional button caps to cover the exposed studs when the shoulder straps are extended Front Buckle Detail Buckle Detail Half Buckle Detail…